Privacy Conditions

We at Autoglass Clinic nv repair and replace glass parts in the automotive industry and, believe it or not, this keeps us quite busy. Any personal data we collect throughout this process, both offline and online, is merely used for the previously stated activities. We have absolutely no intentions of using them for any other reason. Now, how is it collected, for what reason and what do we do with this data? Hopefully this page gives you a clear insight. First of al we would like to point out that we follow the guidelines from the Law issued on December 8, 1992 (“Wet van 8 december 1992 tot bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer ten opzichte van de verwerking van persoonsgegevens”).


  • By using this website you agree with these Privacy Conditions and the way information can be collected and used by Autoglass Clinic nv.
  • Privacy Conditions can change and if so, this will be published on the website.


Determining the Right Parts

Every Jack must have its Jill, and every car has its window(s). To determine all the parts needed we will ask you to give us some specific information (license plate, VIN number, …).


Unfortunately everything has its price. To make sure the right person pays the right bill, we require a lot of personal data, but only for administrative tasks regarding invoicing and customer management (name, address, employer, leasing company, insurance company, insurance agent, VAT number,…).

Direct Marketing

Whenever we ask you for your email address, you will always have the option to choose if we may contact you on this address. We will only send you news about the automotive glass industry and information about our company as well as special offers or seasonal promotions. We will never, ever, give or sell this data to any other company, unless we have your explicit authorization.


Autoglass Clinic wants to make sure this data does not fall into the wrong hands. We provide a secured Server and all our employees follow a company Privacy Policy.


Njammie, cookies, not only a delightful treat but also very convenient to be able to access and use website in a proper manner. No Personal Data is stored by our cookie monster and our website is also accessible when cookies are disabled. You can find more information on this subject on

In a Nutshell

You agree Autoglass Clinic nv uses the collected Data for:

  • Quotations, scheduling appointments, invoicing, customer management, legal procedures and administrative formalities.
  • Providing information about our services and products, market trends promotions and actions which are relevant according to Autoglass Clinic nv.
  • Giving information according to legal, administrative or regulatory rules or in case of legal disputes, fraude and criminal acts.

Transfer of Information

Without any problem, but only on request, we can transfer your Personal Data to any other company. Please inform us by sending an email to On simple request you have the right to access your personal information, and the right to correct it. Please contact us by sending an email to and we can schedule an appointment at our head office Gouverneur Roppesingel 12, 3500 HASSELT. A valid ID is necessary.